Thursday, 30 December 2010

happy days

The eagle-eyed of my readers may have noticed a distinct lack of scrapbooking on this blog.  Now, there's not been a lot of blogging, I know, but even less scrapping.  There is a reason for this, and I've thought long and hard about sharing this, but it's part of me, and although it's not my story to tell, it is part of me and my story. 

So, here goes....  This is a transcription of the hidden journalling, behind the photo of my brother, my sister and me...

It's all letters and numbers

I started the day with a list of numbers.  You know, 6.40 alarm went off.
1 cup of tea
3 red lights
1 green light 
4 cups of fruit tea
You get the idea...

But, by the end of the day there were some new numbers.
1 word
6 letters
My brother has cancer.  He's had the op, and today found out that it's not the better seranoma we hoped for.  But the teratoma.  Which means two lots of chemotherapy.  But, that has it's own numbers.
2 doses of chemo
6 weeks
2% chance of recurrance.
He should be done by Christmas.

This was originally journalled on Tuesday October 26th 2010, inspired by the day's prompt on Shimelle's on-line class, True Stories.  And finally scrapped on 30th December 2010.

So, there you go.  Sorry to end the year on a bit of a downer.  But, his outlook is good.  He had his (hopefully) last lot of chemo yesterday, and, as a family we shall spend new year's eve together and say goodbye to the old year, and look forward.  To a happy and, above all, healthy new year.

To all of you who pop by my little blog, thank you for visiting, and here's to a happy, healthy 2011.

Friday, 3 December 2010

the owl series

My beloved owl bag.  If you've seen me in the last year or so, you're bound to have seen me with this bag.  


Now, I love a good handbag, I have a few it must be said.  But, I LOVE this bag.  It's just the right size and shape for most outings.  I bought it in the Animal shop in Newquay, when we were on holiday last year.


It has a special addition of two badges.  Phoebe bought me the night owl badge - not because I am one, far from it, just because she knows I love owls.  And the perfect badge, well that would be because I am, perfect that is, lol.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

the owl series


A recent charity shop find, quickly sprayed white, and now living on a shelf in my living room.  I have to say that this was inspired by the wonderful Dottie Angel.  Pop and see her forsaken souls if you get a chance.  But, please don't blame me if you get serious thrift shop envy!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

the owl series

I love a nice cup of tea or coffee or fruit tea or, indeed, hot chocolate.  And how better to drink it than from one of my owl mugs?

These are both from Paperchase, and hopefully this gorgeous mug will appear in my Christmas stocking...