Wednesday, 28 December 2011

'Tis the season

This year, I decided to go a slightly different way with my Christmas cards.  For years I've made my own Christmas cards, but this year, with working full time, it just wasn't going to happen.

I decided early on - in about October, that this year, I would do just one piece of art, using the She Art course, that I did earlier in the year.  Then, this would be printed out for my cards.  I finally got around to doing the canvas, which is actually 12" by 12", late in November. I got it scanned at work and set about printing them off at home.  I decided to go the easy route - and print straight onto the cards.  However, three hours later it just wasn't happening, and I even ended up with the printer spewing out dozens of copies onto ordinary printer paper, which promptly got put to one side.

About a week later, whilst considering buying cards, I decided to just go with what I'd got.  Although the prints were on very ordinary paper, they were printed at best quality.  So, a production line of cutting and sticking brought me a neat pile of Christmas cards in about half an hour - result!  Some doodling around the edge of each picture gave just a little bit more of a hand crafted edge.  And I also have a Christmas piece of art, as I said - Result!