Monday, 15 March 2010

blankets and chocolates

So, Saturday morning Phoebe told me that her Ted was cold, and she thought he needed a blanket. She asked me if I would crochet him one, and went for a rummage in my wool drawer, coming up with a ball that has shades of green and pink running through it. By the end of the day, Ted had his very own blanket, which, I'm told, he finds very cosy. I just did a basic granny square, going round and round, until it looked as though I was about to run out of wool, then finished off with a simple round of double crochet. So, one happy daughter, a cosy Ted and a day long project completed for the very reasonable price of just £1.29.

Sunday dawned all sun-shiny, and with special treats for Mother's day. I had cards, chocolates and a set of very gorgeous crochet hooks...

All rainbow colours, instead of the usual grey. Obviously they have been put straight to good use. I've started another blanket, the same as Ted's, but in a different colour, and hopefully,

quite a bit larger, as well. So, that would be two crochet blankets I have on the go, now.


  1. cool blanket! he looks very cosy! and fab hooks too! :)

  2. such gorgeous crochet hooks! can't wait to see what you make with them.