Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I name this boat...

Want to see one of the things I've been up to during my blogging absence?

I've been making boats. Well, I've completed one, helped the girls with theirs, and started a new one. So, yes, I think that counts as making boats.

I found the instructions for the boat here, and lots of inspiration for future boats. Some of them have the sweetest little birds sailing them. So, of course, my boat needed a bird as well.

I searched for a suitable pattern, but ended up using a pattern I already had, found here, and previously used to make badges. I made it up in felt, with the stitching on show, and think they look pretty good. But I'm still on the search for a "plumper" bird, so if you see one on your travels, please let me know.

And what's this boat called? Miss Belle - one of the characters in the Enid Blyton book I rescued from re-cycling and used for the papier-mache.