Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowy spring saturday

Spring is here - you can see it in that photo, can't you?  No?  Oh well, I'm sure it will turn up sometime soon. 

On a Saturday like this, what's a girl to do?  Get crafty.  It's also my sister's birthday - so I need a card.
I started with a pile of scraps and an idea.  The idea was inspired by the mostly fabric pieces I've seen around, where they're scraps of fabrics, and some machine embroidery.  You know the ones? Have a quick look at The Bloggings of Mrs Bertimus, then nip back here to see my take on this idea.

Bird card made with scraps
I made up a patched effect with my scraps of paper, tearing against a ruler, and adding a touch of inking around the edges for definition.  Then added the bird image, he's a Prima stamp - and so sweet - stamped onto a piece of Paper Artsy crackle paper.  Yes, I'm happy with that, turned out pretty much as I'd hoped.  So I made another smaller one using the same scraps.  I think I'll be doing more in this style, and maybe, one day, move onto the fabric version.  It's on my extensive list of crafts to try.

Bird card made with scraps


  1. Hello! Ive found you!
    LOVE the cards and thanks for mentioning my blog!
    Will be popping by again for tea nad biccies, (well, virtual ones that is!)

  2. I heard all about your snow. I'm jealous! But yes, spring will come when she's ready :-)

    Your cards are delightful. Very inspiring. I might have to give them
    a go.