Saturday, 14 September 2013

Finally Finished Something

It's time to get stuff finished.  I've so very nearly finished the daisy field blanket for Luu to take to university.  I shall gloss over the fact that she has been at uni for the last year, and focus on the fact that her degree starts this year.  Yes.  A big tick for me, the daisy field blanket shall be finished for when Luu starts her degree.  And I shall show you, when it's done.

Now, back to the finished something.

I needed a small project to take with me when I went on holiday last month, and decided to make the Teddy Bear hat that Phoebe had asked for.  I made a Rabbit version of this hat for Luu earlier this year, but the only photos I have of that are too bad to see the light of day in this post. 

The pattern is a freebie I found on the internet sometime before Pinterest - so I'm afraid I have no idea where it came from to link to.  But, what I can now remember, is that it is an American pattern.  So, when I started this second version, it took a little while to realise this.  And the top of the hat looked like a mangled mess, before I remembered that the doubles in the pattern are actually my trebles - doh!  Start again, and it all went swimmingly.  Note to self - write on the top of the pattern - work in trebles.

The pattern that I used had no ear  directions on it.  I know, how inconvenient!  So, for both the Rabbit and the Teddy Bear version, I had to freestyle it.  For the Teddy Bear version, I repeated the first bit of the hat pattern for about three rows, folded the circle in half, and joined it together with a row of single crochet.  Ears stitched on, and there we have it - a Finally Finished Something! 

I've just had a quick look back through my archives, and I haven't introduced Luu's Daisy Field Blanket to you on my blog.  It's made plenty of appearances on my Instagram, and with bloggers in real life, but not here.  Ooh, you're in for a treat! And in that previous sentence, I see at least two further blog posts.  Meeting bloggers in real life, and Instagram.

See you soon!

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