Monday, 23 February 2009


Hmmn, long time , no post. And lots has been happening. Think I may have to break it into a few posts.

The main news around here is that Mark has been told he is going to be made redundant.

No real surprise, but still a big shock when it actually happens. At least we have had some time to sort of prepare for this. He's been on a short working week since last November, with extra time laid off over Christmas, so in a way it became sort of inevitable.

We've spent some of that time thinking around our options. It's most unlikely that he will be able to get another job in the same sort of area. But he can move into a slightly different area - possibly.

But we also have other ideas, which may include a house move, perhaps to another part of the country. With new jobs, or perhaps working for ourselves. Who knows?? But, we are certain it will all work out in the end, it always does. Hence the optimism of the post title.

At the moment, he's waiting to hear when he will actually finish. It may not be until November, but more likely to be sooner. So, although we know he will be finishing, we don't know when. Which makes it a little difficult to look for a new job. I'm sure there'll be more in future posts about this...

Sarah x

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