Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Snowballs and Birdies

Way back, about last Sunday. The first flakes of snow appeared. Charlie sat, in his waiting to come inside place, showing them off to perfection.

By Monday morning it looked like this. Kids went to school, kids got sent home from school, and lots of sledging, snowballing and snowman building commenced.
This morning the garden still looks like this. We may not have had some of the extreme snow conditions other parts of the country have had. But the snow just has not gone. Bits of road and path appear through the white, only to be swiftly covered by the next snowfall.

Will I ever be able to wear something other than my duvet like coat and walking boots? Soon, please, soon.
But, this morning has brought some sunshine. Time to get the camera out, quick. These snowballs, (ok then, pom poms), were made before Christmas, back when Phoebe, and Mark, were yearning for snow. And very pretty they look, too. And they don't hurt if you throw them!

Pom pom robins were requested, by my Mom, and these were hatched, just before Christmas. They have perched very quietly, waiting for some winter sunshine.
Now, time for some more catch-up pictures. This is Phoebe's decorated egg from last year at school. She made it all herself (ahem, well I had to do a bit of the boring glueing bits), including drawing that sweet face, and making carrots from Fimo. There's also a box of tissue paper cabbages resting under the carrots. The picket fence was made from some "borrowed" or was that" re-cycled" coffee stirrers.
And, may I present Eggwin The Magician. He is even older, from the year before. I think there was a bit of help from Lou that year - but definitely mostly her own work.

I think that the eggs are finally going to have to go. There's an unnerving solid sounding rattle to them now - if you dare to gently shake one (thanks, Lou). But Phoebe and I have planned to take pictures, and then scrapbook them.

And finally, for today. A little brooch I made from felt, a couple of weeks ago. I made two others ( in different colours) to go with birthday presents for my Mom and sister-in-law's birthdays, but I never photographed them before they were posted.

Till the next time,

Sarah x

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