Monday, 19 January 2009

First Barbecue of the Year

So, Saturday evening saw us off to our first barbecue of the year. That's right, a barbecue, in January. My friend Jayne had decided it would be a good idea to get her husband to cook the food, as she had a houseful of guests. And a good idea it was. We had fabulous food - thanks David and Jayne, some good company and a memorable evening. We set off in pouring rain, through the lanes to where they live. There were bits of tree and branches all over - and I forgot my famous homemade salsa! But, on we went. The plan was to leave the car, so drinks could be drunk, and to get a taxi home. The weather was so awful I did consider drinking tea, and driving home, but the wine and offer of cocktails won out.

Time comes to head for home, so, we're in the taxi, nearly home... and the road is flooded. And on the other side a car is being pulled out onto a recovery truck. So, we turn round, and head for the next lane along. In all we had to turn around three times before we could get through, it's the same stream that crosses all of the roads we needed to get past. A very interesting journey, and the sat nav didn't show any of the smaller lanes we were using, so the very trusting taxi driver believed us when we told him we could get through. The road was still half flooded when we went back to get the car on Sunday afternoon in the wintry sunshine, but you could get through.

Anyway, the picture shows the gingerbread house that we finally got around to making at the weekend. It was a kit with everything included, we just had to put it together with icing and imagination. The dodgy icicles are my doing, not too bad for a first attempt with an icing bag, I think.

Sarah x


  1. Hi again - love the look of your gingerbread house - how sweet is that? Always meant to do one of those but somehow never seem to find the time. but what do you DO with it after you have had it to look at for a while?!? do you eat it or keep it?
    Anyway, pop over to my blog and drop me a line - I have added an email link.
    I will be over in Brum during half term week (which I had not realised when I booked it - might not be such a good week for seeing people!) and it would be lovely to meet up. Let me know if you are around at the beginning of the week (your days off) and I will come over to say Hi!
    hope to see you soon...

  2. small world it certainly is!
    go on book it! I will of course, most definitely be there! we always have some fun and it would be great to catch up!
    send me a mail - see my blog widget and lets get together!