Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Reclaim the Weekend

Hmmn, time really has flown since I last posted. The girls are back at school. I'm back at work, so is Mark, but he's still on a four day week, even after his extended Christmas break. Hopefully there won't be another layoff for him. We're getting used to the lower income (we think) and are definitely getting used to having him at home all weekend, so, we're wondering if we can keep our spending down enough for him not to do overtime when (if!) the work picks up.

I read an article in Country Living, about reclaiming the weekends, and that seems like such a lovely idea. So, last weekend we tried to do just that, it nearly worked. I tried to keep the dreaded housework to a minimum by keeping on top of everything during the week. But Saturday afternoon did see me tackling the ironing basket, before Mark took over, and I got on with having a good sort out in the front room.

Our front room - it's home to two computers, and their desks, all of my crafting stuff (paper crafts, sewing, knitting etc etc), our cds and dvds some books and most of our paperwork - all in a room about 10 by 16 feet. It is also home to school bags, handbags and the air con unit for the conservatory - oh, and it has a large fireplace with an open fire. It's a room that really has to be kept on top of - but I love it. It's bright and airy, and often has at least two of us in here. It's also the favoured place for the cat. On my table, by the radiator.

Anyway, after it was all spick-and-span and a pleasant place to be again, the crafting could begin. So the felt project was finally completed.

Project? It looks like an egg cosy. Well, ok, it is an egg cosy. but, I did have to trawl the depths of my brain to remember how to do blanket stitch. Hang on, he looks a bit like Zebedee perched on that Christmas Cracker egg cup.

There, that's better. Oh, but now he has three legs. But very glamorous legs at that, let's look closer...

He's sat on one of my Three French Egg Cups (there used to be four, but one got broken!) And what seems to be a miniature egg - but no, it's the egg cups that are large. Are French eggs bigger than British eggs? I don't know, do you?

The pattern for the Owl Egg Cosy came from this blog, with a few tweakings by me. It's the same lady that designed the cat that we made in the last posts. Well worth a look if you have time.

In other news, we now have another car. And I think it's all working out beautifully - as I like to say, it will all work out in the end. Ever the optimist...

Sarah x

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  1. Sarah? Is that really you?

    When you left a message on my blog in November I was THRILLED to hear from you and meant to try and track down your address. Without wanting to post it here, are you still where you were? It was lovely to hear from you and to realise that you remember my birthday after all these years! I remember yours because it is 10 days before Katie's (still in touch with her too!)

    I love your crafty goodness here on your blog! Really gorgeous stuff - I don't get out the needle and thread very often these days!
    Three French Hens? Is that the place up north of Brum somewhere? I used to go there with Mum - with the creperie? Or am I talking out of my proverbial?!?
    I hope to be over in the UK next month for a few days - fancy meeting up? are you working full time? shall we try to arrange something?
    Thanks for commenting again today on my blog - always nice to know that someone out there is reading!