Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Felt Cat

So, here's the cat that Phoebe made. Isn't he just so sweet. I like the way they all look so different. I like that she just got on with it, no inhibitions, just bringing it to me occasionally to start off or finish off a thread.

The girls went back to school today, so there will be a bit less making, I think. I've got a felt owl that's nearly finished.... And I want to have another go at the crochet. I found a blogger yesterday who does some fabulous crochet, and if I knew how to link to it I would. One day soon I'll learn, promise. Anyways, my sister lent me two books today, one of them called "Learn to Crochet", so, I think I will.

Off to go and watch the Ann Frank programme, the girls and I saw the first episode last night, I thought it was really good, gave the feeling of being cramped so well. And the mother's face, as she sat at the table, and realised that this was now her world. Her face, and knowing the story just brought me to tears.

Sarah x

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