Wednesday, 8 July 2009

It's July!

Where, oh where has the last week gone? I uploaded these pics last week, thinking I would spend my lunch (half) hour at work doing a quick post - but that didn't happen. So, just so you know I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth - Hi.

Been doing a bit of scrapbooking - some more pages done, but no photos yet. And I'm off to the crop on Saturday - but at the moment I'm mithering about photos - not sure what to scrap next. The photos I had printed off for last month's crop are not speaking to me at the moment. I printed some off on our printer, but the quality is a bit pants, to say the least. I'll give them another go, but I think my next scrapping "need" is a photo printer. Any suggestions?

Speak soon...

Sarah x


  1. ah! such a sweet layout with that key and that heart. Really lovely!
    With regard to "needing" a photo printer, I am rather biased, but I could not live without my printer(s). I have a large format printer for A4 or A3 (often I print multiples on one page) and then a mini 4x6 or 5x7 photo printer (both HP) and I love them. I get photos printed out at the shop too but very often, I just print off a few to keep me going and I get to be flexible with what i want and the sizes etc. A definite scrapping necessity for me.

  2. Love your LO sarah, and the paper is gorrrrrgeous. I have an HP printer which does photos too - very nicely IMO, and a small Kodak printer which is OK too. I prefer Jessops than either, but they are good enough if I haven't organised myself. Which is mostly all of the time. :)