Sunday, 28 June 2009

Let's go to Arkansas

Not much creating going on this week - as this monster landed in the garden on Tuesday.

As we have decided to sell Ruby - our VW camper, we quickly needed to find somewhere else to lay our weary bones when we head to Cornwall in August.

After much searching and camping-nerdy conversations we decided on this tent. And in a camping-nerdy way, it's fabulous! From it's sewn in groundsheet (no more floods this year!) to the storage pockets (no more treading on DS charger plugs this year!) all the way down to the fabby velcro thingies to hold the guy ropes when you take them down (no more cursing knotted guy ropes this year!)

As you can see, Charlie Moggins went for a mooch around. He has decided he will not be travelling to Cornwall - he will stay at home and be looked after by Nanny and Grandad.

As we sat in the tent on Friday evening, chatting over a glass of wine - cue neighbours thinking "what are the neighbours up to, now?" We started to worry that the tent (plus car, plus trailer) may be too big for the compact pitches at our favourite place in the world... However, after a quick look at some photos of us camping there a few years back, we think we'll be ok. Fingers crossed.

The garden is now back to normal - save for that flattened area of yellowing grass. So, a couple of pics of some of the flowers in the early morning sunshine...

Sarah x

oh, and the Arkansas in the title? Why, it's the name of the tent, of course.


  1. wow, that certainly is a monster! hope you have lots of fun in Arkansas!

  2. oooh i lurrrve the tent!!! a bit like ours! i love your pink chair too, now i neeeed one of those!