Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A New Day

Sorry for going awol, we were on holiday last week for the girl's half term. And I really have so much to let you know about. But, for now, I'm awake far too early, unable to sleep after a bit of a day yesterday.

First day back at school, but Phoebe had to go to the orthodontist first thing - check up in two years time, but looking like she may not have to have any work done.

Then I had to go to the funeral of a family friend, it was lovely - if they can be? A sad but also up-lifting remembrance of a long life.

Then, when it came to tea-time, Mark nipped out for some salad and cat food (for the cat, not for tea!). He took Ruby, our 26 (I think) year old VW camper van, as she was sulking because she hadn't been to Cornwall with us last week - yes, she sulks!

Anyway, I quickly got a phone call to say that as Mark was parking there was a big back-fire ( nothing unusual there) but that there was also smoke coming out of the engine at the back. Mark quickly checked and realised that the engine was on fire. Luckily we keep a fire extinguisher in the van so he was able to quickly put it out - but not before some damage had been done to the engine. But the rest of the van, and Mark, were ok - if a little shaken! Ruby is now in the garage, waiting for some fairly extensive, and probably expensive, repair work.

So, that's why I can't get back to sleep. To much in my mind! And thinking - what if we had all been in the van? With a boot full of camping gear? On the M5? But, also thinking, thank goodness we weren't, and that Mark was parking as it happened, and that we had the fire extinguisher...

I'll be back soon with the good stuff that's been going on, because there's lots to tell.

Sarah x

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  1. sending love and hugs to Ruby. Get better soon.
    hope you can find some sleep and looking forward to seeing you on Saturday - time really flies doesn't it!