Wednesday, 21 July 2010

American Stash

A quickie, to show I haven't forgotten my blog...

When we were away, I only managed to do a little bit of stash shopping, and this is, pretty much, what I got... Not much, really. But, I had limited luggage space, and lots of other exciting stuff to do!

I only saw one dedicated scrapbook store on our trip, and that was closed. When we drove by the next day, I did point it out again, but it fell on deaf ears... So, the things I did get, were from stores on the high street - they were pretty good, and covered lots of different crafts. One had fabulous fabrics in, more than we generally get in dedicated fabric stores here. Oh, if only I'd had more time, some more dollars and some more luggage space...

1 comment:

  1. looks like a fun stash anyway! pity you didn't have more opportunities.

    I was amazed at the shops that did stock stuff when we were in the Canadian wilderness. The town would have literally only a gas station and a general store, and yet, back in the corner would be a small selection of scrap stuff! I have to say that I would have left clothes behind in order to pack my stash!!!

    I'm looking forward to reading/hearing more about your fabulous trip!