Tuesday, 14 September 2010

What's New

since the last time i posted

phoebe left primary school :: phoebe got good SATS results :: phoebe started secondary school :: luu left secondary school :: luu got good GCSE results :: i read jane eyre :: i enrolled on an evening course :: i went on holiday to cornwall :: i went body boarding alone for the first time :: i read the twilight saga - twice :: i finally did some scrap booking at the september crop :: phoebe had her leaver's ball - and looked beautiful :: luu had her prom - and looked beautiful :: i read to kill a mockingbird :: we watched the meteor shower, and i saw one extra shooting star going in a different direction :: we had a fire on the beach - it's good to be married to a pyromaniac :: we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary :: the weather was hot, then it rained, then it was hot, then it rained, and now it appears to be autumn :: i read one day :: luu gave me the "first conker of the season" last week - collected on her walk home from college :: we went for a sunday morning walk at the lickey hills - and vowed to do that more often :: i finished my crochet blanket :: we collected conkers, lots of them :: i read jaws :: i pondered this blog, and
inspired by this post, i came back ::

what's new with you?

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  1. hey! great to see you back!!! It's been a long time. hope to hear more from you from now on....

    looks like a lot of reading, lots of weather, lots of kiddie changes, lots of autumn and just lots of living... huge congrats on the good SAT and GCSE results - you must be so proud. And 19 years? Nooooo, can't be possible. I remember your wedding as if it was yesterday.... And I am sad to have missed the meteor shower.

    I LOVE this post that you have done. Love it! Really love it! I *might* have to lift it...