Thursday, 16 September 2010

San Francisco Farmer's Market

I'd read about the San Francisco Farmer's Market before we went to California, on the sfgirlbybay blog ( a good place to spend some time, by the way). So, it went onto my list of possible places to visit.

We went to the Saturday one, and were there by about 8.30, just in time for breakfast. A coffee and a cherry pastry for me - yumm.

Then Mark and Phoebe found us some delicious sausage-roll-type things to keep us going…

While I just sat and admired the view…

Then off we went, looking at, and smelling the lavender

And admiring the variety of shopping baskets…

Please, can I take this one home?

And, to round off our morning?

…a bag of strawberries.

Possibly the biggest strawberries I’ve ever seen.  But, hey, this is America…  And they were delicious


  1. I can almost taste those strawberries - look delicious!

    the market looks like such a nice place to be and the lavender is fantastic.

  2. Fantastic photo's,you must have had the most amazing time. Those strawberries are huge!!!!!!

  3. wow i am very envious, looks like you had an amaaaaaazing time :)