Sunday, 3 October 2010

May Crop in October?

Well, there hasn't been much scrapping on this blog lately, has there? To be honest there hasn't been much in real life, either. But that may just be changing...

So, for a little catch-up, here's my (paltry) contribution to my albums... Back in May, I did these layouts at the Bromsgrove Crop.

The first is of Mark and Phoebe crabbing at Bude, back in 2003.

Then, using a sketch provided by Deb, I did this layout. Again using an old photo. This time of Luu, taken in 1998, just after Phoebe was born. The story behind it is that she had got herself dressed that morning (to "help" me out) in her best black velvet dress. During the morning my Mom and Dad popped in, to see if I wanted anything from the supermarket, I can't remember if I did... But Luu decided to go with them, and when they got there, by chance there was a photographer. So, she had her photo taken, in her best dress, on a Saturday morning at Tesco's.
It's really not my normal style - whatever that is... But, sometimes it's good to go out of your comfort zone, and I think it works quite well with the style of the photo, and that pink velvet chair.

And, finally, a layout that was put together really quickly, of Phoebe on holiday in 2009. Much more my style...

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  1. he he, I remember all three of these I think! That was my last crop :-((

    I love that last one - the paper you have used is so lovely.

    so are you back on the scrapping roll then?