Monday, 4 October 2010

September Crop

The September crop at Bromsgrove was a long one, 11 till 11, with three classes by Morag Cutts. If you're a Bromsgrove cropper, or you hop around their blogs - you'll have already seen these - but these are mine...

Luu and her boyfriend, Joe, before she went to her Prom. Joe couldn't go, as it was a joint Prom with Luu's school, and the local boys' school, that Joe didn't go to. But he came to see her off, and that's a convoluted way of explaining why he isn't dressed up for Prom! But, look how his shirt matches the papers...

After the classes had finished, Helen and I challenged ourselves to do another layout using the leftovers from the class kit.

Luu and me, taken by Luu on a cable car in San Francisco. Not bad for leftovers?

And a close up of the cluster of embellishments, or "pile" as Helen calls it when she's playing up at the crop...

Then, I finished the day off with double page layout using photos taken at Disneyland, when we were in California.

Minnie is just about my favourite character - so, when I saw her I shrieked out loud, to Luu's embarrassment. I practically ran over to her, only to be politely told she was there for a private party... and could I move. Oh, well. Oh, and Mickey got into the photo, but he plays the supporting role, in my eyes.

The photos of Phoebe are really bad quality. But, just look at her face! That's why I scrapped them. It was the end of our day at Disneyland, and we were watching the awesome firework display, before a last ride then a long drive across LA, to our hotel.

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