Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Large Pumpkin Alert!


As with most supermarkets, Tesco's have pumpkins in stock.  Today we bought a "large pumpkin" for carving, and pumpkin pie baking.  To show just how large this particular specimen is, I got Phoebe to take a photo of me holding it, in one hand...

And, to show I don't have giant hands,  here is the large pumpkin next to 50p, incidentally the cost of this "large" specimen, for comparison.

And to show I don't have a special "large" 50p, here it is with a ruler next to it.  It has a "large" diameter of 6 inches, or 15cm, in new money...

And, just in case my "large" pumpkin is feeling a little inferior...  Here is the "extra large" version I bought a couple of weeks ago...

Do you think a man may have labelled these?


  1. wow that pumpkin is soooooo huge! oh wow I've never seen one that big!!!!! oh wow you are sooooo special!!! (doing my spiel woman to man!!!)

  2. We have one of those 'large' pumpkins as well. Certainly was a man labelling them!