Saturday, 15 January 2011

sea colours

Back in November, when I went to the craft show at the NEC, I bought a kit to knit some wristlets.  It consisted of a ball of sock wool, and instructions to knit a square, then sew into a tube, leaving a thumb hole - my type of knitting!  And I'd wanted some wristlets for some while, and the colours of the wool - so my colours.  Blues, and greens - and just a dash of orange.  

My friend saw me knitting them, so for Christmas, she gave me the wool, needles and patterns to knit two scarves.  These are "fancy" yarns, and I'm still knitting the first one, as you have to pick up a loop in the yarn about an inch on from your current stitch, so it requires a LOT of my concentration...  But, look at the colours up there at the top, sea colours...

1 comment:

  1. Those colours are stunning. The blues of that scarf are just gorgeous. I love the look of the scarf - I just don't have the patience (to say nothing of the skill) to knit. But it looks like you are doing a stellar job! Love your new banner photos too - New Year, new look always feels like a good idea doesn't it?