Saturday, 19 March 2011

…and another hobby

So, I have another hobby that I haven’t told you about.  This one is totally outside my comfort zone.  It doesn’t involve a creative bone in my body.  There’s no paper, no glue, no fabric, no wool, no paint… and definitely no scissors.
I’ve started running.  Those of you that have seen me in real life, or perhaps just had a tiny glimpse of a blogged photo, will know that I don’t have a runner’s physique.  I have been heard to say in the last few weeks, that the last time I probably ran, was for a bus, in 1989, and I probably missed it…
So why have I started?  Well, I had a conversation at a family birthday celebration at the end of January that, briefly, followed this train of ideas
  • my brother’s two brother-in-laws both ran the Birmingham Half Marathon last year
  • my brother, while he was in hospital,  said that he would run it this year
  • he thought that they would forget this conversation
  • they didn’t
  • Paul’s sister-in-law also got roped in
  • then they asked me
Obviously I dismissed the idea, and had another slice of cake.  But, after I got home, the idea played in my mind.
Could I? 
I did a bit of googling, and decided that it is do-able.  I have until October to go from sitting on my lardy bum, to running 13 miles.  The next morning, I put my trainers on, went to our local cycle route, and walk-jogged for half an hour – as suggested.  And, you know what?  I did it!  it was –3.5 that morning, with a beautiful thick frost, and I managed to go faster than my usual gentle stroll.
I’ve since found a series of podcasts, called C25K, that are really helping.  I have an intermediate goal of a 5k run in June, and then the biggie, the half-marathon in October.  I’ve registered my interest in it, and I’m telling more people that I’m going to do it, and you’re next on my list of telling people… 
I will be asking for sponsorship closer to the time, probably for Macmillan Nurses, but I’ll do what Paul wants – because that’s why I’m doing it, to raise money for the cancer charity of his choice.  And, don’t worry, I won’t be in anybody’s face asking for money, that’s not my style.  But, if you think you might sponsor me, let me know, and I’ll get back to you later in the year…


  1. Go girl !!!! I take my hat off to you, let me know when you start looking for sponsors.xxxx

  2. Good for you Sarah. I'll sponsor you too. Best of luck with your training.


  3. OMG! Go you! I am in awe! In my *dreams* I am a runner but that is where the running stops - literally! I am so impressed. That is so fabulous and so great that you have such a great goal and such a great reason to do it.
    (and I couldn't ever run - even for a bus and even in 1989!)

  4. go for it sarah, good on you. I'm impressed, envious, admiring, in awe of, and of course now worried as you will no doubt threaten me in the slimmer sense and also the halo-shining style. not the mention the sponsoring-ness!! lol, you know we'll all sponsor you. you dont even need to ask. and during your training, just remember this one thing. the only person behind jon in the london marathon 2004 was a guy in a wheelchair. that's true. lol xxxxx