Saturday, 25 February 2012

thrifting dreams

It might have been her eighteenth birthday, but Luu still got a go-to card. Although, Mark did help with choosing what went on the card - with my ultimate design choice, of course.  And the good news, is she got an offer of a place from her favoured university, subject to her grades. But, they are really do-able, so she should be off in the autumn.
 And, talking of birthdays, and the money that came with it... We're going thrifting today. Which reminded me, I haven't shown this little project that I did over the Christmas break. I saw a few last year around the blogosphere, on my favourite Dottie Angel and on Decor8, to mention just two, and wanted to have a go myself.

With few thrifting opportunities, it took me until December to find a likely shade that I could pull apart, wind strips of fabric around, and hang a motley selection of items from.
Not the best photos, probably why it's taken me two months to show, but you get the idea... Anyway, I've seen a few more around lately - being used as actual shades... So, now I want one as a shade, for my dressing table, here's hoping the thrifting gods look favourably down on me today...


  1. Great card, so glad she got into her favored Uni what a big relief for her. What a cool lampshade, good hunting today. Btw will bring my fringe die to crop and you can make some Pom Pom flowers , bring some felt they make lovely pompoms.xxxx

  2. Congrats to her for her offer - such a difficult time for them right now. They seem to work so hard. The card is gorgeous using some of my fave Crate paper I think? and your funky lightshade is so much fun! Great stuff. I love the whimsy you incorporate into your home. Wouldn't know where to go thrifting here - not really much of a think over here :-(

  3. Hi Sarah

    How are you?

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. To be honest the girls at school have been doing hula hoops and they have been showing me how to do it, although I'm not very good. My Dad likes Grace Jones and had seen her doing the hula hoop thing at a previous concert.m Very impressive if a little strange!!

    Take care