Monday, 8 April 2013

Mad as a hatter

Ages ago, at the start of the year, I saw a challenge on the Octopode challenge blog with the theme the Mad Hatter.  I decided to join in, as it was a snowy Sunday, and there wasn't anything else that needed doing.  I don't have any Mad Hatter stamps, but I do have this Octopode stamp of Glenda.  So I decided to go with my own twist of Mad-ame Hatter. 

I gathered together some bits, a box that a mirror compact came in - and kept because  it might come in handy one day - and lo and behold it did! A teeny jar of beads, that came from the same set that featured in my first ever blog post. A tea pot charm, that came from my box of "useful" metal bits - some bought, some found. Added into the mix, clouds cut from scrapbook papers - Sassafras Lass, I believe. Some bits of German scrap, Distress Inks, white acrylic paint and a bit of time on the internet looking for a quote.

Using Johnny Depp's outfit from Alice in Wonderland as my inspiration, I coloured Mad-ame Hatter in teal and orange (also some of my favourite colours at the moment) using my Neocolor IIs.  The background was dry-blended with Distress Inks onto some white cardstock.


Then, our van got stuck in the snow, and we ended up asking my sister and her family to come and help us push it back onto the drive, with the promise of a cooked breakfast in return.  With the help of my sister, I then spent the rest of the day moving furniture and re-arranging my crafty space.  Which has turned into an on-going, evolving project.  And that's why I didn't get around to entering this piece into the challenge.

Eventually I got around to finishing, and rather than let Mad-ame Hatter languish in loneliness in my crafty space, I thought she should have her moment of glory on the blog. And the full quote that I chose:

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense" Mad Hatter

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