Friday, 27 March 2009

Playing Catch-up

Crikey, Where does the time go?

Had a lovely day out on Monday with my sister, for her birthday. She's catching me up, for a few weeks. Every year in the few weeks between our birthdays, she's only a year younger than me, then my birthday arrives, and I'm back to being the oldest by two years. We drove out into Worcestershire, to a craft shop near Evesham - nice place, we'll probably go again. Then we had lunch at a cafe near there, nice food and a fab cafe. It was run by two sisters, with help from their mom, and was full of a real mix of thrifted furniture, mis-matched tables and chairs, and the most fabulous wall of contemporary silver-grey wallpaper, with silver framed mirrors and white painted brick pillars.

Birthday card made for Helen

Tuesday was a day out with my mom and dad, we went out to Northamptonshire, to a fabric shop mom wanted to go to. Fabulous fabrics, some bought for my niece's birthday, she is nine today, and has had a sewing machine - and the family have all bought her something sewing-y. Mom also bought me some fabric to make a cushion cover - eek! Not another hobby on the horizon? Think so, still need to do my post about the other things from Hobbycraft earlier in the month...

The rest of the week has mostly been work - so a pic from the car park(again) but with the sun out this time...

The box frame at the top I put together quickly one evening. I've had the frame for about a year, but the Amy Butler background paper is new, as are the Prima flowers. Pretty, I think.

Sarah x

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  1. lovely stuff! that frame is really sweet. and i love the picture from the car park - i know exactly where it is - a bit of home for me!
    i really ought to get the sewing machine out more often. it's great to hear of a younger person being interested in sewing! Amber is 18 and I am not sure she even knows what a sewing machine looks like!!! She wants me to teach her - could be a long haul...