Sunday, 5 April 2009

This way to the beach...

So, tomorrow we're off to the beach. Woohoo! The bags will be packed, the car will be loaded, and we''l be heading south - to Cornwall. I can't wait. Tomorrow, whatever the weather, I will be on the beach, feet on the sand, gazing at the sea, looking for sea glass and other treasures and dreaming... one day, I could live here.

Meanwhile, back in the real world. I finally finished Phoebe's knitted rabbit.

I say finally, there's quite a tale behind this rabbit. I started his sibling just fourteen years (yes, I did say fourteen YEARS) ago. You can see the date on the magazine.

He was to sit in the top of toddler Louise's Christmas stocking. He was enthusiastically started, then we moved house, so his various parts were placed in a Miss Selfridge bag (wonder if I could sell that on Ebay?) and he languished in the loft. Occasionally thought of, occasionally wondering if he was still actually there? So, last autumn, during a sort out of the loft, I found him! So, he was brought down, and finally completed. He now sits (un-photographed, I'm afraid) on Lou's (teenage) shelves. In a dress. Which I had to also knit. With no pattern. And he's still a he, even in his dress. So, with one rabbit under my belt. I swiftly moved on to knit one for Phoebe. He was completed in mere weeks. Then it took months to get around to sewing him up.

I was waiting for a bright day, you see. Last Sunday was such a day. So rabbit number two was completed, and put into his jumper. But, apparently the jumper is not quite right, according to Miss P. So I have been asked to knit an alternative jumper. Again without a pattern. So, it takes me ages to knit - but I still have to make up my own patterns for these little outfits! I'll show you the results. Shall we make a date, say, next Easter?

Then, yesterday, Helen and I went to another crop, no pics as yet. We had another fabby day, and will definitely be going again.

Sarah x


  1. oh, wish i could have been there with you this time! Can't wait to see the output!
    enjoy the beach!

  2. just popped by to wish you a very happy belated birthday!!!! hope you had a great day. I DID remember but I am just hopeless at getting the greetings out on the rihgt day!

    Speak soon...