Thursday, 3 September 2009

1st September 2009

Ok, so I didn't actually manage to post yesterday about what I learned on the first - are you confused as well? But, I have a reason - or excuse.

After a day at work, I picked the girls up from home, dove to Ikea, and spent five (yes, five) hours there. Then drove on the motorway in torrential rain, to finally get home at 10 pm. Then I had to go to look after my Mom and Dad's cat and house. Not bad, as reasons (excuses) go, is it?

So, I haven't actually done a page yet, or finished my cover page... But, I have a plan! I will be able to catch up at the crop on Saturday! As well as decorate a post box for my friend's wedding...

And, what did I learn on the first?

"Teenage Daughters love you, when they want a lift home, in the rain."

back soon...

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