Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Learn Something New Every Day

So, I've signed up for my first ever on-line class, Shimelle's "Learn Something New Every Day"...

I've got some cardstock, some papers and some embellishments ear-marked. Now I just need to work really hard in class - and learn something new every day!!! Not really a problem, I know I learn new stuff all the time... The problem will be my utter lack of organisation, and taking the time to identify what I've learned - but that's one (or two) of the reasons I'm taking the class.

This is day one - and I think I know what I've learned today - but, the day's not over yet, and there could be something even more important to be learnt.

Not to put even more pressure on myself - but I'm also aiming to blog what I've learned, each and every day in September.

See you tomorrow...

Edited - something else I've learned today - how to add a blinkie...


  1. oh, I did this class in 2006 and it was great - I enjoyed it so much! Enjoy the ride...

  2. hmmm I like the idea of this, might have to look it up.

    I've learned today..... too much wine on a saturday night is not such a good idea on the sunday morning lol!