Monday, 11 January 2010

A Focus Journal

So, with a plan to focus in mind, a book is needed. No, not just a book - a journal, that sounds more like it. With the snowy weather going on around here, and no real desire to venture out to buy one, I made one. It's actually very similar to the ones that I made (but didn't photograph) as Christmas presents.

I've decided that I need to write lists to help me focus - so, this is my book for lists. I've started today with the following list (don't worry, I won't blog every list...)

  • clean fridge - done, but I broke the bottom glass shelf, oops, nowhere to store the fruit juice and meat, but on the other hand, much easier to reach the veg and salad!
  • eat properly (ok so far...)
  • outside photos - done, but very monochrome, not pretty enough to show
  • water orchids - done
I've also started a "to do this week" list, with a bit of crafting and a bit of organising on there so far. This is for the not quite so urgent things, and means I won't have to carry over too many things from day to day.

Whilst doing a teensy bit of blog hopping this morning, I came across this post. Obviously, I've printed it off. I think that if I can tick off most days in a week, the bigger picture will show that I am being focused, even if I do fall occasionally...


  1. what a great idea! if i can find some time to copy you, then I will!!!

  2. I always WANT to be a list maker/follower and in times of extreme activity, I do it. But as a rule, I like the idea but do not actually manage to follow through! It also ties into my word, so maybe I should follow your lead too! I love the journal - very pretty! Keep up the good work and keep us informed on your progress!