Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year...

So, here we are, 2010... How did that happen? Surely it's only five minutes since the Millennium?

So many things to think about for the new year... Will I have a word for the year a la Ali Edwards? Think so, just not quite sure of it yet, (maybe it should be commitment?), my gut feeling is organise, but spoke to my friend Lisa today, and hers is ahead - which I think is great, fits with my desire to be organised. I'll come back to this, soon...

Well, I completed my idea to document something from each day in December. Even if I didn't blog on the actual day. I really like the fact that I now have pictures and words down to describe MY December, and plan to print it off and make it into a mini-book.

I did learn something from my version of December Daily, and that is that I can't blog on a daily basis (back to commitment?). But, I do want to blog more regularly. I just need to organise myself, and commit to it... As well as, take more pictures, get them onto my computer and blog on a regular basis... Ooh, these words are definitely starting to stand out, aren't they?

Hmmn, been away, looking for a picture to add to this post, and ended up looking at a list of words, and accomplish jumped out at me. Could this be the word? It feels better than organise - which I do want to be - or perhaps, achieve? Or focus?

Like the little bird up there? I sewed him up last Sunday - to keep the fingers busy whilst watching films...

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