Sunday, 27 February 2011

friday night project

It's been half term around here, the girl's mostly do their own thing, but on Friday I took the day off work, and we went to Worcester for a mooch around.

There are loads of charity shops, where Lou got a couple of items, and independent shops, including a couple of old-fashioned sweet shops, where Phoebe bought quite a few different types of sweets.  And, of course we had to pop into the scrapbooking shop...

I was very restrained, all we bought was a house/shelf thingy each...  We came home and started to decorate them straight away - instead of leaving them hanging around...  Three people sat around one table came up with three very different items.  

Lou painted hers - complete with stars in the night sky in the roof, and a garland of daisies.  She added some paper flowers and bling from my stash. And it is now home to one of her my little ponies.

Phoebe painted hers white, and then added some Amy Butler papers. We came up with the idea of adding some hooks to the bottom, for some of her necklaces, and she added some bits and bobs from around her bedroom.

I painted mine white and added some Sassafras Indie Girl papers, and some stuff from my stash...

hope your week's been good, as well...


  1. All three are gorgeous, great idea with the hooks for necklaces and love how you've put a little birdhouse in yours,with birds and eggs, so sweet.
    I bought one when I was there, just finished mine, think I will get some more when i'm there again for my nieces and use your idea with the hooks. See you

  2. these are so gorgeous!!

  3. I love how each of your personalities is represented in the decoration of your house. So lovely. I like the idea of the three of you sitting around and being all crafty together. Makes me feel a bit lonely! :-)
    I love that Indie Girl paper with the hearts - I'm seriously considering buying it again I love it so much. Your house is just adorable - love it!