Tuesday, 8 February 2011

the good stuff

Last week my sister and I had the same day off for the first time since last year, so we went out for the day.  Worcester was the destination, to go to this shop

Went to the Bromsgrove crop on saturday, and made this card with the very talented Deb

One of my recent discoveries - who knew these were so yummy!  Made me happy, I thought I didn't like peanut butter, probably still don't, well, not on sandwiches anyway.

What's making you happy? 


  1. Sarah, I love those peanut butter snacks...so delicious! I haven't one in ages, must rectify that :-)
    Isabelle x

  2. super jealous that you get to go to a real life craft store! and that you got to go to the crop! AND that you got to make that wonderful card!

    Not envious on the candy but you can get your hands on Cadbury's!!!

    The sunshine and blue skies are making me happy. As is LOAD - creating every day? Great stuff!

  3. I bet you had a great day,the shop is fab !!! Mmmmm one of my fave choc bars but I do like peanut and jam sarnies !!!!!

  4. Very jealous that you have been to that shop and I still haven't despite the fact I live closer than anyone! What's making me happy? Well, your Momiji doll at the top of your blog made me smile. My kids, my husband, and to be honest, the fact that we found you and Helen and have you at our crop makes me very happy!