Thursday, 19 May 2011

new furniture

When I was a bit awol from this blog, over the Easter holidays, I wasn't busy doing nothing.  We spent a few days having a sort out and move around of furniture, which left us with nowhere to put the hamster cage in the living room.  Ikea was suggested for a unit of some sort - but I decided to keep my eyes open for something secondhand. 

Within just a couple of days I spied a pine chest of drawers outside a local charity shop.  It was no good, a liitle bit small, and with a big chunk out of the top.  But inside the shop I found another much more suitable, but very dark chest of drawers. 

A day spent sanding and re-painting, and Poppy the hamster has a lovely new place to reside...

And I have somewhere to store my crochet, knittting and hand-sewing stuff, as well as my "good" stationery - you know what I mean, not the functional, stuff - the pretty stuff.  And I prettied up the inside of the drawers with wallpaper samples, from the diy store where I bought the paint.

Oh, and I also gave the coffee table in the conservatory a face-lift.  It's a good shape, and very sturdy.  But had turned that orange that laquered pine goes. 

Now, what else can I paint?


  1. I love the chest of drawers,it looks like a piece of furniture you'd pay a fortune for. Good job!!!!

  2. Great job of making your charity find look like something from a designer shop! I always have the best intentions about this sort of thing, but I know that the piece would be sitting there for years waiting for the facelift! I love the papers you have used inside the drawers too. such a great idea - if only charity shops were more popular over here...