Monday, 29 December 2008

Aprons, Hearts and Buttons

There's been a bit of making going on around here lately.

On Saturday Dad invited us around for lunch. We ended up stopping all afternoon, and Mom and I whipped up some aprons. It all started with Phoebe's wish list for her birthday, and then for Christmas. One of the things wished for was a Cath Kidston apron. Although, being 10 years old meant that the childrens' are too small, and the adults' too large. Never mind, I had some CK style fabric in the cupboard, so a quick trip to the Rag Market brought some tape for the ties. The plan was set for a Christmas present apron, needless to say, time ran away with me and the apron remained unmade. So, back to Saturday, using another apron as a pattern, an apron was made.

On a roll, four more adult sized aprons swiftly followed. This time using fabric from the Rag Market that is SO like CK it's scary, seconds perhaps? Yet only costing £1.00 a metre.

I don't have pictures, at the moment, but they're not bad. I think more could follow, with perhaps a bit of tweaking on the length of the neckband.

Sunday afternoon, Phoebe decided to make a heart, using some of her leftover apron fabric. She used a heart-shaped lid as a template, and the hand-stitched it. I helped by stuffing and stitching up the opening, then a ribbon and button were added for hanging.

The ribbon came from around some Christmas socks, and the button was found in the button box - which brings me to the last of my list of makes.

Sunday morning found me sorting out the front room, where I "found" a magazine from Christmas 1997! It is an American Magazine, so I'm sure that's the reason it's hung around for so long! As inspiration, I'm sure. Anyway, in it were the instructions for making this button man.

The one on the left I made way back then, and he has since hung from a cupboard door handle. The one on the right, Phoebe made last night, with just a little help cutting the wire and so on. She is going to re-do his arms, though, as she says he looks like he's carrying bombs! I see what she means.

On a different note. My three year old niece ended up spending the night in the Children's Hospital on Saturday, following an asthma attack brought on by one of these horrid viruses doing the rounds. She's home and fine now, but has been given an inhaler to help her along this week. Hopefully, this is a one off, and not something that's here to stay...

Sarah x

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