Friday, 19 December 2008

She's making a list...

Well, where's the last week gone?

Thursday - Christmas shopping with my sis and new shoes for the girls.
Friday - Secret Santa at work (Build Your Own VW Bus for me) and the big Work's Christmas Do, followed by drinks on Broad Street.
Saturday - a quiet morning (see Friday, lol) and then visit from MIL in afternoon.
Sunday - finished Christmas Decs.
Monday - Christmas shopping with Ann and Jayne, and a trip to the German Market.
Tuesday - More Christmas shopping with Mark, and much checking of The List.
Wednesday - Work, and the Choir's Christmas Concert at school, with Felice's debut and Amber as Narrator.
Thursday - More work...
Friday - Work, again, but the last day, woo hoo!

Still got lots to do, but hopefully the Present shopping is finished, and we can get on with some makes, some film watching and that all important preparing the house for the festivities.

Sarah x

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