Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Last Saturday, the crop that I go to, had it's Cropaganza! Thirteen hours dedicated to scrapbooking!! Lib did a great job, as ever, organising a fab day. We had a little shopping, some lovely chilli and cakes, and three classes taught by Morag Cutts.

Above is the mini book - just need to put some photos and do some more embellishments in it.

We also did a kit layout...

I didn't think I had any suitable photos, but when I looked through them, I found this picture of me, my Mom and Dad on the right, and my Auntie and Nana. I think it really suits the retro feel of the papers, how about you?

We also did a sweet wall organiser using the same papers as the mini book.

So, after spending all afternoon on the classes, I decided to have a change of tack, and went back to scrapping some of the older pictures I've recently had processed.

I've had these papers a little while, knowing I wanted to use them with these photos, again I think they have a retro feel. The photo is my brother, my sister and me, sat on the sideboard... Note the fringes... We think that Mom used to cut them especially when she knew we were going to be photographed.

And the last one is me, strawberry picking - and looking as though I have a fair few in my mouth.
I got home just after 11.30 in the end, shattered, but already looking forward to the next one...

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  1. Personally, I think that mums in the 70's felt obliged to cut our fringes in all sorts of "wonderful" ways in some sort of revenge thing for their own early 60's appearances! I am sure I could come up with a photo or two similar to this one of the the three of you! And I have to admit that I would have recognised you immediately!!!

    So glad to hear the day was a success - I was thinking of you. And your layout and mini-book look so lovely. I love the vintage feel that you have enhanced with your choice of photo.

    I'll be at the next one - did I mention that already? ;-) Just about a million times I think!