Tuesday, 2 February 2010


So, I've worked out how to crochet from a foundation chain. With some help from my Mom. And to practice, I've been crocheting... dishcloths!

Does this mean I have too much time on my hands? Well, no. I can actually do this while watching TV, so, quite productive, really... And, the dishcloths are really good. Even Luu commented that they are better than the others. And they're good practice projects - next up, decorative edgings - on my dishcloths...

And on the scrapbooking front, I've finished my Christmas layouts, here's just a couple of them.

I have some great pictures of my sister, brother and me in the mid 70's, just begging to be scrapped, but focus. Before I move onto them, I'm working on a mini-album of my December postings...


  1. crochet (what is the past form? crocheted??) dishcloths? Who knew? How cool is that? Never got into that but I don't know if you remember my infamous pale blue self-knitted fingerless gloves - to the distaste of half the teachers of KEHS! I love the idea but can't maintain the interest! Do you remember the cable jumper I started, and started, and started again - I think it was about 3 foot long and then I binned it!
    Love those layouts. Love the idea of black cardstock - so unusual but it works brilliantly.

  2. wow and there's me with my tatty blue jeycloths. hmm i have dishcloth envy and i never knew it existed! love the LOs too, might dig out some of that black CS myself!

  3. I've also been practising my crochet used to do it when i was a kid and when i saw the partworks that's out i bought to to refresh my memory.
    What a great idea to make dish clothes i've only been doing tiny squares.
    Love your LO's.
    See you Sat.

    Deb x

  4. you are officially "tagged" to do a yearly review! See my blog for the questions!

    And I guess you had fun too yesterday didn't you??? too much fun was had by all for my liking! Can't wait to see your creations...