Monday, 8 February 2010

My famous parking space...

A couple of times on my blog, I've put photos taken as I park my car at work. Well, that space is very nearly famous!

As I got out of my car one day last week, a chap in a woolly hat asked if I would mind moving my car, as the space was going to be used to put a camera in, for filming! Ooh, have the BBC been lurking on my blog? Well, no. The series Doctors is often being filmed around where I work, and last week they were filming in our car park.

I may have to start watching, to see if me or my car make an appearance in the background...


  1. oooh how exciting!!!! i used to love watching Doctors when I was on maternity leave - alot of it's filmed in Harborne and I used to spot all the landmarks of my youth!!

  2. looks like you started a trend!
    you need to check your comments from the last post - you've been tagged!