Friday, 19 February 2010

Tea Party

Luu has her birthday this weekend. We spent quite a while trying to work out how to celebrate. Fitting in friends, family and a boyfriend (eek!). But, she finally decided to have a tea party for her friends on Friday - now, that I can do. Followed by a sleepover - not quite so keen on that idea. But, they're nice girls, and usually keep the noise down. As well as actually sleep..

Now, we have no problem whipping up a few cakes in this house! But, this has to be a bit more special, so using this book as inspiration, we popped online here, and ordered some extra special sprinkles
Then, when off to the pictures, Luu popped into Morrison's, and found these on the shelves...

So, armed with extra-special sprinkles, a practice run on piping the seven minute frosting...

A dust-off of some of my cake stands...

...I think we may just be ready.

1 comment:

  1. I'm jealous! Super cake stands and I love those cupcake ceramics (what exactly are they??? I have something similar but wouldn't know how to describe it!) but so sweet! love the idea of a tea party complete with special sprinkles - can you save me a cupcake????

    hope fun is had by all!