Thursday, 3 December 2009

3rd December

So, today I ended up with a surprise couple of hours at home, by myself. So, before I left work, I sorted myself a little to do list:

  • fill advent calendars - check
  • sort pressies in bedroom - check
  • move wrapping downstairs
  • sort craft table - check (although Charlie cat does think it's his bed!)
  • tidy PTA paperwork away - check
  • check girl's trees in loft (bought new earlier in year, and forgot what colour they were - black for Luu, white for Phoebe) - check
  • check Christmas lights in loft - too high up, so left for another time. Aargh - running out of time, hope they all work before a panic/manic dash to the shops at the weekend
  • take some photos for the blog, as home in the daylight - check
  • update pressie lists in "my book" - check
  • blog this list - check
Still have to go and collect the turkey for the school Christmas Fayre, but that won't be until later, so not really for this list.

I'm quite pleased with what I achieved with my little to-do list - one of many over the next few weeks, I'm sure.

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  1. Yes, lists. I don't know what I'd have done withoitthem recently! But yours exhausts me just to read it! Love those advent countdowns. So pretty.