Monday, 7 December 2009

4th December

Friday the 4th dawned cold and frosty, but treated me to this lovely view when I got to work.

After school a family trip to the German Markets took place. All of the cousins, plus Nanny, made their way into town, to enjoy the festive lights and delights.

A trip on the wheel was planned, but, due to technical problems, it wasn't turning. Phew...

We munched our way through hot pretzels, yummy German hot dogs and chillipoppers (chilli peppers stuffed with cream cheese, then deep fried).

The littlies got their adrenaline kicks from a slide down the helter skelter - complete with coconut mats.

We then meandered back through town, mooching in some of the shops, before making our way home to a welcome Friday night glass of wine...


  1. Wow, that photo is lovely. Winter mornings can be really spectacular, can't they?

    And I find it so bizarre that you have the Christmas markets there! I haven't had time to really enjoy them here yet but am hoping to catch up with two this weekend. One in kempen, the town where my one and only scrap supply shop is. And one right here inlittle old Polsum!! We even have an entry in wikepedia. Polsum hosts the largest one day Christmas Market in NRW!! This I have to see. I'd like to know: WHERE????? I'll keep u posted!

  2. jon says the bham market is more authentic than the german one, so you're not missing anything (according to him!) lol xx