Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Stockings finished...

Hmmn, no work today, but today's the day for a minor melt down. Well, it had to happen, didn't it? It's all so very nearly ready - but, not quite. So, I had to lock myself in the bedroom to finish the wrapping and sorting. It's felt a bit single handed this year, but, it's all done now.

Dad brought the ham round, so that's been cooked, very yummy, as usual.

Then, down to the sewing - stockings don't stitch themselves, you know. Even Mark entered into the spirit, and stitched his own stocking. We all put our names on them, so Father Christmas will know who they belong to. Luu's is very intricate, with beads individually stitched on; Mark's is very simple, just his name; Phoebe's is more colourful than the rest, with bright beads added; and mine is fairly simple, just a heart as embellishment.

I wonder what will be left in them TOMORROW NIGHT, excitement is mounting around here...

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