Thursday, 10 December 2009

A Year Ago, Today...

A year ago today, I took the plunge into the wonderful world of blogging! Where I was going with it, I didn't know. And, if truth be told, I still don't really know..

There are so many lovely blogs that I read, some scrapbooking, some knitty, some crochet, some design types, some in languages I can't read (they have the lovely pictures), some with lovely pictures - and I do wonder what mine is? I flit around through these blogs - and am influenced by them - but can't quite pin down what I want mine to be.

This blog has brought me back into touch with one of my school friends, Hi Lisa,and through that renewed friendship I have made more friends by joining the monthly Bromsgrove crop, Hi Lib.

This blog has tracked the changes of an ordinary life. This time last year we were getting our heads around Mark's four day week. Since then, we have spent six months living under the shadow of impending redundancy. And then the utter surprise of a new job. Now we are living with the demands of that new job, combined with quite hefty amounts of courses and training for it. And the factory that was due to close by November? Well, it's still open, at least into the new year.

This blog has documented some of the stuff that we do. The crafty stuff. The family stuff. The dreams of the seaside. It has seen birthdays, holidays and baking. What will the next year bring? Who knows. But, I hope to still be here, and if I could ever commit to it, I will be a tad more organised in the coming year, and perhaps, do a few more than the measly fifty posts I have managed in the past year.

I shall now away, for a celebratory G&T...

Sarah x


  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Well done you! I have so enjoyed reading your posts over the last year and yes, it's great that technology can bring people (us) together again!

    50 posts is still something to be proud of - that averages one a week which is quite a reasonable number don't you think.

    I would also like to blog more. I have fits and starts and then mega posts catching up and like you, I often wonder who is out there in the blogisphere reading what I put out there. Everyone's story is interesting. Keep up the lovely piccies of your craft projects and those wry words which are so you!


  2. i love reading your blog, even if i do catch up loadsa posts in one night! keep em coming :)