Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A bright and early start

It's the children's Christmas Party this weekend. The one my friend and I have organised, for the children and grandchildren of staff where we work, for the last five years. So, yesterday also included filling our cars with the presents etc, that we have bought, and kept stored at work.

The plan to do the food shopping was a little different this year. We decided to meet up early, at a supermarket between where we both live. So, at eight o'clock this morning, we met to buy party food for 66 children, and accompanying parents! All this at a supermarket where neither of us normally shop. This caused some light-hearted grumbling, when we couldn't find the things that we needed, most noticeably the Party Rings. I mean, you can't have a party without Party Rings! Eventually we found them, but not with the biscuits! I mean...?

We rewarded our early start, and hard work(!), with a cooked breakfast in the supermarket cafe. And were delighted to see three ladies, probably in their seventies, meeting up to exchange presents over tea and a bun. We did wonder if that is our future?

The rest of the day was spent quite quietly at home. We don't really want to be venturing out to the shops on a Satueday this close to Christmas, unless we need to. As a family, we have done quite a bit of on-line shopping this year, and I have done most of the rest on Mondays and Tuesdays, when I don't work, all-in-all, a nice balance.

The afternoon was spent doing quite a bit of wrapping, and sorting, and hiding... And the day was rounded off with a marathon sit down in front of Strictly. I can't believe it's the final next week, and I can't believe I will be out that night! Oh, thank you for digital recorders! I shall watch it all on Sunday, even if I do know by then who has won, and i shall be able to fast forward through the Brucie cringy bits...

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  1. mmm... party rings...

    i might have to add that to my UK
    Christmas shopping list - the things you miss but don't remember you miss them until you remember them... if you know what i mean!