Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas pressies and stockings

Where's the time gone? Only two days left to complete all of those ideas I've had! Oh, well, what doesn't get done, doesn't get done... But, I'm sure it will.

Helen and I decided to do the BIG Christmas food shop today. And we had decided to go early... So, off we went at 5.30 this morning! Boy, was it cold.

It was really not too bad - Tesco's only had half-light until about seven, which actually made it quite relaxing. There were lots of staff stocking up the shelves and pushing their on-line shop trollies, and we managed to get pretty much what we needed - only forgetting a few things...

We were home and un-packed by 8.30 (and that's only because we spent an extra half an hour sorting a present from Dad to Mom). Which made for a very looong day. So, I got the girls to help do the last of the wrapping - well, not quite, but there are some things they couldn't wrap...

Luu and I then set to making some little notebooks, using the bind-it-all, some cheap notebooks from the poundshop, and some scrapping stash. They turned out pretty well, all personalised on the front, but I never took any pics before wrapping them.

After tea, we made a start on some little stockings - an idea that I'd had earlier in the month, and bought cream felt for. It was very pleasant, sat in front of Top of the Pops2, Christmas edition, stitching away. Interspersed with much hilarity when we realised that Phoebe had sewn the top of her stocking together! Nothing that couldn't be sorted with a quick snip of the scissors...

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