Monday, 7 December 2009

A cropping we shall go...

It's the first Saturday of the month - it's time for the Bromsgrove crop!

Off Helen and I trundled to enjoy a day of scrapping, laughing and festive merriment - complete with a visit from Father Christmas himself! Who invited us all to delve into his sack! Thanks for a lovely day Lib.

Mark and the girls had been to see Mark's mom, and they got me this sweet little robin - oh how well they know me...


  1. So jealous you get to go the crop each time and not me!! I miss all the fun...

    But... I'll be there in January so see you there !! Excited already.

    Don't know what's more ecxiting actually: Christmas or coming to the crop. I need me some girlie time.

  2. LOVE the bird! thanks for making the crop so much fun sarah xx

  3. oh and btw - german food and eggs on the top? I was thinking about that and there certainly are several dishes with a fried egg on the top - I love them! But round here it's certainly not the norm! There is a breakfast dish which is basically bread, ham and a fried egg, they are prone to plonking a fried egg on top of salads with lashings of yoghurt dressings and you often find eggs on top of a pile of fried potatoes - yum! Nice once in a while! Where were you?