Saturday, 19 December 2009


Still no desire to go anywhere near the shops on the last weekend before Christmas. Luckily, my planning has paid off. Pretty much all of the presents have been bought. However, they haven't all been wrapped up yet - but, there's still time.

Haircuts this afternoon - I had a good few inches chopped off mine, and it feels much better.

We were supposed to be going out this evening. To a do organised by the factory that Mark has recently been made redundant from. But, he decided not to go. Mark is one of very few who has got a new job - and he didn't want anyone to feel that he was gloating in any way. He also wants to look forward, not back. And only a few people from his department could go - the ones he would have liked to meet up with couldn't make it.

The upside of not going out? The Strictly Final!!!!!!!! It's a new Christmas tradition, round here, to spend the last Saturday evening before Christmas watching the Strictly Final.

In the words of Craig - it was FAB-U-LOUS!!!

The dancing was great, the atmosphere was great, now if only Brucie didn't present.... I would have been happy with either Ricky Whittle or Chris Hollins winning, they were both brilliant - in different ways. But, our favourite, Chris, won. Thanks, I'm sure, to the voting that Phoebe did!

While we were watching, Luu came to tell us that it was snowing. And it was. The most perfect fat snowflakes were laying a blanket on the ground. Could we be in for a White Christmas?

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