Thursday, 10 December 2009

wednesday 9th

So, work today, so not particuarly a Christmassy type day. But... did manage to sort out a dj for the children's party my friend and I organise at work. Huge phew! As the party is this Sunday, and we've been let down by 2 djs, the one has done this party for us for the past five years, but has just not returned any calls or emails, and the second said he could do it, he just had to check the times of an event that evening, and still has not come back to us!!! It was starting to look like a cd player in the corner...

Watched the second part of Kirstie's Homemade Christmas this evening. Such a sweet programme, and even more ideas of things to do for Christmas. I have a little list of things to do, for after the Christmas shopping has been done, and after I break up for Christmas, which would be next week - woohoo!

And today's photo? Another one from last Friday, of the Christmas Tree outside St Martin's Church. No, it wasn't snowing. That's the flash bouncing off the drizzle - but quite pretty, nevertheless. And if you really squint your eyes, and because I said so, you can just see the church in the background...

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  1. you got me with that one! I really thought, Wow, snow!
    You sound so busy - makes me feel bad!