Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree

Hmmn, it's getting close to Christmas, now. Only two weeks. A work day, so pretty quiet Christmas-wise. Mom and Helen got their Christmas trees, they have real ones. I've had the same artificial one since Luu was a baby. In fact, I chose it the year before.

We decided to go artificial as we like our decorations up the first weekend in December, and we'd already had a year when we had to get a replacement tree!! So, we chose our tree from a local garden centre, and decided to get it on boxing day, when their half price sale started. Being seven and a half months pregnant meant that the early start was easy, and there we were, as the doors opened. In we went, and looked for our tree. But they had none! Such a lovely, if pricy, tree, of course they had sold them all. What to do? We looked at the ones they had left, but they weren't a patch on the chosen tree. So, we didn't get one. We decided to keep looking - for that perfect tree.

Towards the next Christmas, we kept an eye on all the shops and garden centres, waiting for them to get their Christmas stock out. The shops started to get all Christmassy, and the search for the tree began. Luckily, it didn't last too long. Our garden centre had OUR TREE in stock!!! So, we got it. And we still use it. And each year it still surprises me that it is still so lovely. In fact, last year was the first year since we had it, that my Mom did not ask, "Oh, have you had a real tree, this year?"


  1. I have to admit to always getting a real tree (although no tree this year) and I get it really early too. Although I have not had to replace one any year so far, it is certainly looking a bit sorry for itself by New Year! But yours looks lovely and that bird is super! I miss my tree this year - sniff sniff!

  2. yay go artificial trees!! we have one too since the last time we had a real one and it spent almost a year after lying in the middle of our lawn!!